Chip Tray

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This stunning piece of functional art includes beautifully handcrafted Walnut, Cherry Maple and Purple Heart woods.

This Chip Tray can be used for serving guest at a special occasion or just for yourself and loved ones at home. This Chip Tray can also be used to put meats, vegetables and any other item you would like.  

This Chip Tray is the natural color of the wood - no stains or dyes are used. Therefore the beautiful grains can be seen and the board is 100% food safe.

This cutting board measures: 15" x 12 1/2" and is 1 3/4 deep with 3/4" deep pocket

The chip tray is finished with Odies Oil. Odies Oil is a all natural, non toxic, food safe, water resistant finish. There is no solvents or chemicals used to make Odies Oil. 

All boards come with a care sheet and a 2oz bottle of mineral oil to start you off.

Every kitchen needs a cutting board, doesn't yours deserve a beautiful, functional piece of kitchen art which can be left out and displayed!

Although all boards will be constructed with the exact stated woods, the wood grain and colors may vary throughout, due to the uniqueness of all natural woods.