Icoat Counter Top / Art Resin 1-1 Ratio 2 Gallon Kit

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iCoat Countertop epoxy/art resin is an excellent finish coat for all types of surfaces. iCoat countertop epoxy has excellent bubble release properties and can be built to ¼” in a single pour. This epoxy is formulated with excellent UV resistant properties, meets all food-safe standards, and is scorch resistant to 500 degrees. This epoxy is an excellent choice for jewelry, tumblers, coasters, and many other craft projects as well as being durable enough to withstand the busiest of restaurant tabletops and kitchens. iCoat countertop epoxy can be tinted with any of the iCoat colorants.

iCoat Art Resin is the epoxy of choice for artisans and hobbyists working with jewelry, tumblers, coasters, cutting boards, and more. Low odor, safe for use indoors. Apply up to 1/4” thick over an area and to 1” mass in smaller molds producing crystal clear results.

2 Gallon Artist Resin Epoxy Kit (3.78 L)

Covers Approx 64 Square Feet

  • Cure Time: Cures to touch in 24 hrs, fully cured in 3 days.