Handcrafted Walnut Wood Bench / Coffee Table Furniture

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This beautiful handcrafted piece can be used as a bench for inside the house or outside on your patio. Set it by your door so people have a place to sit while removing there shoes or on your porch so you can watch the beautiful sunset.

 Looking for a stunning coffee table ? This piece will work perfect for that also.

Sanded to 800 grit for the ultimate smooth feeling.

We finish our product with Odies Oil, a all natural, non toxic, food safe finish. Odies Oil is also water proof, no worrying about spilling or leaving a cup on this piece. This finish is also UV resistant. The ultimate protecting for outside use. 

This beautiful Walnut piece sits on strong sturdy metal legs handmade by a local metal worker. 

Dimensions : 14 1/2  x 58 1/2  x 1 3/4 Thick Wood size. 17 3/4 in height