Sushi Board- Purpleheart and Cherry with Chopstick grooves

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This stunning piece of functional art includes beautifully handcrafted Purpleheart & Cherry woods.

This beautifully constructed solid wood Sushi Board style, provides an elegant space to roll and serve Sushi. This board contains a chopstick groove and recessed slot for dishes which hold Wasabi, Ginger, Soy sauce or whatever else you wish to use them for.

We provide you with 2 sets of Chopsticks along with 2 black dishes.

This Sushi board is the natural color of the wood - no stains or dyes are used. Therefore the beautiful grains can be seen and the board is 100% food safe.

The board comes with non-slip rubber feet with stainless steel washers and screws which will stay securely fastened and will not rust. These feet also allow for proper air flow around the board to prevent any warping.

This cutting board measures: 18" x 10" and is 3/4" thick
(all measurements are approximate)

All cutting boards are pre-seasoned with food grade mineral oil and finished with a mineral oil - beeswax combo. Therefore ready to use when you receive it.

All boards come with a care sheet and a 2oz bottle of mineral oil to start you off.

Every kitchen needs a cutting board, doesn't yours deserve a beautiful, functional piece of kitchen art which can be left out and displayed!

Although all boards will be constructed with the exact stated woods, the wood grain and colors may vary throughout, due to the uniqueness of all natural woods.