Icoat TP21 48 ounce Kit Casting Epoxy 2-1 Ratio

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TP21 is a hard cast epoxy that has a slower cure time so it is very easy on molds. It is crystal clear, has a high-temperature rating, and exceptional bubble release. Typical projects are small molded items, coasters, serving trays, jewelry, pyramids, and flower preservation. The iCoat TP21 can be demolded in 24 hours to 48 and will reach full hardness in 3 to 4 days.

¼”-1″ application, High Mass, Larger Volumes, 3-4 day cure times.​

iCoat TP21 is a 2 to 1 casting epoxy that is designed to be used up to 1 inch on larger volume casting projects. The TP21 has excellent bubble release and is typically used in small river tables and charcuterie boards as well as any other project where a UV resistant epoxy with excellent bubble release is required. TP21 can be tinted with any of the iCoat colorants.