Tover L'Olio Solvent Free Natural Hard Wax Oil Wood Finish 100ml BLACK COLOR

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L’Olio 100% is a finishing based on oils and natural hard waxes of vegetable origin. Water and solvent free, it is 100% solid and have an extremely high yield.
Its wax content efficiently protects the wood and provide visual and tactile smoothness, while oil penetrate deeply, nourishing the wood.
Mixed with Oil-Linker, L’Olio 100% is overcoatable, thus mixing the chromatic soft effect of an oiled project to the high strength of a lacquered one.

Prepare the surface, sanding the wood and if necessary, fill cracks and fissures with a solvent-based filler like Lega Stucco RS A or a water-based filler like Idrostucco RS/30. The last grit to be used for final sanding is 100-120; we do not advise to use finer abrasive papers which could close the wood pores and reduce its absorption capacity. Accurately clean the surface before applying L’Olio 100%. To obtain a more intense color and improve the softness to the touch of the finish, it is possible, before the impregnation treatment, to wipe the wood surface with a wet cloth to open the pores of the wood (grain popping). Allow the floor to dry before applying L’Olio 100%. The wood must be clean, dry and without any residue of previous treatments. Stir with care L’Olio 100% before use. Apply the product with a spatula or directly with a buffing machine, spread it within 15-20 minutes with a buffing machine and green or red pad. This procedure is very important to uniformly spread the oil and avoid excess of product. After complete drying, usually speaking after 24 hours, proceed to polish the surface with a buffing machine and white pad. One coat is normally enough. It is possible to increase the oil resistance properties adding Oil-Linker cross-linking agent (10%). Colour and drying time remain unchanged. The mix has a pot life of about 8 hours.